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About Us

Our Journey to Empowering the Next Generation

Sam and Taylor first met in preschool, marking the start of a lifelong friendship. From the baseball field to the classroom, they grew up together until parting ways for college. Sam attended the University of Colorado Boulder, graduating with a degree in business with an emphasis in marketing. Taylor attended the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied finance and marketing.

After Boulder, Sam looked for a sales job but felt overwhelmed and lost—his college career services had failed to prepare him for the competitive recruitment process. Much of the advice he received was either generic or out of touch with the modern sales application process. He made some early mistakes but gradually built up his confidence and skills, hopping from one job to the next. Ultimately, Sam landed his dream job: a sales position at a Fortune 1000 company that Newsweek ranked as a top 100 place to work. There, he excelled, soon becoming the youngest account executive in North America.

Taylor took a more circuitous route to sales. After Wharton, he worked in finance in New York City but soon was bothered by the simple fact that no matter how hard he worked or how much value he provided to his company, the money was the same. He wanted more control over his destiny, so he quit his job, returned home to sunny California, and pursued remote sales positions that would give him absolute freedom over when and where he worked. Sam coached him through his interviews and shared the valuable lessons he had learned from his earlier mistakes.

As a result, Taylor received offers from nearly every place he applied. Since then, Taylor has worked across multiple industries including digital marketing, financial services, graphic design, and e-commerce, all remotely while traveling the world.

One day, while talking, Sam and Taylor realized that there was a gap in the market: recruitment coaching for recent college graduates provided by young professionals who intimately understand the current sales landscape. It was in that conversation that Sales Career Catalysts was born.

Sam and Taylor as kids during Halloween
Sam and Taylor as kids on a beach building a sandcastle
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