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From Learning to Earning in 90 Days

Fast Track Your Future With A Job In Sales

Start A Career In Entry Level Sales

Learn from experts trained at

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From Classroom to Closing Deals

Meet Your Catalysts

We are Sam and Taylor, seasoned sales professionals from the University of Colorado Boulder and the Wharton School, respectively. Throughout our careers, we've navigated the challenging sales landscape, from early rejections to top-performing roles in Fortune 1000 companies. After recognizing a gap in the market for tailored recruitment coaching, we founded Sales Career Catalysts in 2022. Since then, we've empowered recent graduates to secure their dream sales positions, leveraging our firsthand experiences and proven strategies.

Kickstart Your Sales Career

We'll Teach You Everything You Need

Our Offers

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Sales Career Accelerator

Includes full access to our interactive online community, weekly group Q&A sessions, weekly group mock call reviews, and hours of content on crafting the perfect resume and cover letter, networking, and interview prep. Priced for everyone to take advantage of.

Full Access to Interactive Online Community

  • Weekly Group Q&A Sessions

  • Mock Call Reviews

Sales and Job Training Image by Austin Distel

Crush The Interview

Includes in-depth training on behavioral and technical interviews, personalized feedback from expert coaches, access to our comprehensive library of mock interviews, and strategies for effectively showcasing your skills and personality to potential employers.

Everything in Sales Career Accellerator

Upgrade Bonus: 

+ Three 1-on-1 Interview Coaching Sessions

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Get The Offer

Offers a complete toolkit for job offer negotiation, understanding and leveraging job offer components, continuing support post-interview, and strategies for starting your new role with confidence, ensuring you not only get the job but also start on the right foot.

Everything in Sales Career Accellerator

Everything in Crush The Interview

Exclusive Bonus: 

+ Three 1-on-1 Application & Networking Strategy 

+ Unlimited Resume & Cover Letter Revisions

Success Is In The Details

Find Your Perfect Fit

Buy The Offer

Most Popular

Key Features
Sales Career Accelerator
Crush the Interview
Get the Offer

Full Access to Interactive Online Community

  • Weekly Group Q&A Sessions

  • Mock Call Reviews

Sales Career Accelerator:

  • Craft a Winning Resume & Cover Letter

  • Find Jobs to Apply to + Network Your Way to an Interview

  • Beat the Behavioral Interview with Answer Templates


  • Inside Information on the Sales Recruitment Process

  • LinkedIn Optimization + Email Templates

  • Mastering the Mock Call


Three 1-on-1 Interview Coaching Sessions


  • Three 1-on-1 Application and Networking Strategy Sessions

  • Unlimited Resume and Cover Letter Revisions





*Price Before Beta Program Discount or Other Offers

Where Will Your Next 90 Days Take You?

"SCA demystified the sales interview process and gave me the practical tools I needed to excel right from the start."

Matt M.


"After Sales Career Accelerator, I felt fully equipped and confident—I landed my dream job within a month!"

Ben P.


"This program was a game-changer; the skills I learned were directly applicable and got me multiple job offers."

Javier G.


Multiple Job Offers ✔ Financial Stability  
Career Advancement Boosted Confidence ✔ Job Security

How It Works

An online bootcamp with blueprints built and taught by industry sales pros


Resume editing; formatting and wording to make your experience relevant to the open position.

Mock Sales Call

By preparing you for this moment, you'll show employers that you have the skillset to succeed.

Behavioral Questions

Translate personal experience into answers that separate you from the crowd.

Connections Count

How to network your way to an interview.

Know Your Role

How to speak like a salesman

I'm Hired! Now what?

How to crush it at your new sales job

Tap into the power of Sales Career Accelerator and land your first job.

What You Get

An online bootcamp with lessons led by industry sales pros
Image by Austin Distel

First Offer Fast-Track

Simplifies landing your first sales offer and sets you up to receive it within 90 days.

Impress & Progress

Builds your credibility with both family and peers while charting a path to a six-figure income.

Clarity & Confidence

Provides clear next steps post-college, reducing anxiety and bolstering confidence about your future.

Lifestyle & Flexibility

Guides you toward a flexible career with the financial freedom to live the life you envision.

Real-World Readiness

Ensures you can fully enjoy your college days, knowing you're prepped for success in the real world.

Universal Sales Mastery

Teaches essential sales skills transferable across industries—your ticket to versatile success.

Where will you be in 90 days? Get support. Land a job. Seize the moment.

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